Sales Win Predictor

Quantify the chances of winning any specific sale and increase sales forecast accuracy with the Sales Win Predictor

Sales Forecast Accuracy

Rate the truth of fourteen straightforward statements with regard to any sales opportunity to assess the chances of winning. Reveal the actions necessary to improve the likelihood of winning. Use what you learn to substantially improve sales forecast accuracy.

  • Automatically evaluates the chances of winning any sale based on scores for fourteen statements.
  • Turn sales forecasting into a reliable science by asking and answering the right questions early in the selling process.
  • Eliminate opportunities that won't happen, can't be won, or won't be worthwhile.
  • Easily identify next steps. Increase productivity and win more business in less time.

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  • Improved sales forecast accuracy
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Minimised time wasted on false opportunities
  • Improved qualification
  • Identifies optimum next steps
  • Shortens sale durations
  • Increased results

Intended Audience

Those selling software, technology, and know-how based technical solutions. Anyone with a complex business to business proposition.

Method of Use

Score 14 statements with regard to a specific opportunity. Review the insights and take focused action to increase the odds of winning.

Time Required

After using the tool a couple of times it takes less than 3 minutes to complete the assessment for each opportunity considered.

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