Free B2B Sales Training Part Twelve - Preparing a Winning Sales Proposal

Diagram illustrating the the effectiveness of typical and organised approaches to winning a bid, sales proposal or tender.

On Wednesday, April 1st, 2020, we began delivering a free B2B sales training course via bite-sized posts on the SalesSense LinkedIn company page. This page presents links to the posts in part twelve - preparing a winning sales proposal.

Free B2B Sales Training Content

The complete course will address all the following B2B sales topics:

  1. Map a typical customer buying process.
  2. Define customer problems or situations that you fix or address.
  3. Find sales prospects who need what you sell, right now.
  4. Identify the right people in suspect organisations.
  5. Start a conversation through cold outreach.
  6. What to do if suspects don’t engage.
  7. Planning a discovery call or meeting.
  8. Persuasive communication.
  9. Negotiating access to those who can say yes.
  10. Prompting a customer buying process.
  11. Participating in a customer buying process.
  12. Preparing a winning sales proposal.
  13. Conducting buying negotiations.
  14. Closing the sale.
  15. Managing the customer relationship.

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Part Twelve - Preparing a Winning Sales Proposal

Preparing winning sales proposals - overview. 12.0

When to bid and when to pass. 12.1

Responding to an unexpected RFP, RFQ, or Tender. 12.11

The benefits of learning the rules. 12.2

Where to find the rules and how to use them. 12.21

Breaking the rules. 12.22

Sales proposal rules - No. 1. 12.31

Sales proposal rules - No. 2. 12.32

A framework for writing executive summaries. 12.321

A framework for responding to RFP and tender queries. 12.322

How to write a section for those who will have to use what is bought. 12.323

How to write a section for those concerned with maintainance and support of what is bought. 12.324

How to write a section for those who must approve. 12.325

How to write a section for financiers. 12.326

Sales proposal rules - No. 3. 12.33

Maximising proposal quality. 12.331

Bid team management and bid preparation plans. 12.4

Preparing to write a sales proposal. 12.5

Writing in the active voice. 12.51

How to use the rule of three. 12.52

Present a draft proposal ahead of the deadline. 12.6

Preparing for a proposal presentation. 12.61

Other things to negotiate before agreeing to bid. 12.7

Preparing a winning proposal - summary. 12.8

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