Sales Account Management Training Course

Increase business from established customers. Professional account management training for sales account managers.

Diagram showing the connection between customer care and loyalty to illustrate the description of page for our sales account management training course.

Since it is easier to sell to existing customers than new ones, investing in account management training strengthens relationships with customers and increases the flow of business. Take this course to renew sales momentum and business success in established accounts.

This account management course provides account managers with new ways to maintain or develop stronger lasting ties with important customers.

Programme Objectives

  • Understand the customers business.
  • Articulate business level contribution.
  • Extend access to senior people.
  • Achieve trusted advisor status.
  • Establish strategic value.
  • Develop account plans.

Account management training provides new tools and methods for assessing customer potential, evaluating relationship status, and demonstrating value. Learn new skills for developing and strengthening relationships, expanding presence, and increasing strategic significance.

Who Should Attend

Salespeople and account managers who are tasked with maintaining and developing business through existing customers. Participants learn how to position themselves and their company, centre stage through establishing senior level relationships and expanding presence across departments.

Additional Benefits

  • Flexible multi session 'learning by doing' structured training course.
  • Work place assignments develop new habits and practices.
  • Tools, templates, frameworks, and examples save time and aid learning.
  • Common language improves communication and team work.
  • Promotes adoption of 'best practice' habits and methods.
  • Increases sales productivity, consistency, and results.
  • Improves job satisfaction and motivation.
  • Reduces staff turnover.

Account Manager Training Individual Delivery Options

  • Self-Led with Email Support - View and download the materials, tools, templates, and other resources. Work through the presentations and exercises as desired. Email your nominated instructor with any questions. Most support requests are answered within a few hours. Answers are guaranteed within two business days.

    £39 + VAT if applicable. Four weeks lead time.  Book Places.

  • Self Led with Telephone Support - View and download the course presentation, tools, templates, and other resources. Study the materials and complete the exercises as desired. Arrange calls with your nominated coach to ask questions. Calls are be scheduled by email or text. 

    £99 + applicable VAT. Four Week lead time. Book places.

  • One to One - View and download the course presentation, tools, templates, and other resources. The assigned coach arranges one-to-one training sessions to present or discuss the material and identify on-the-job learning actions. Training and coaching continues until the participants are satisfied with their learning progress. Session last one hour and are scheduled to suit participant needs.

    £695 + VAT if applicable. Four weeks lead time. Book places.

Account Management Group Delivery Options

  • Course Materials and Group Training for up to Ten People - Participants gain access to the course presentation, tools, templates, and other resources. Have key elements of the content presented. Learn how to prioritise the distance learning course content. Work through some of the exercises, and review implementation actions in a virtual classroom group coaching session. Schedule the session to suit participant needs The initial session duration is 90 minutes.

    £590 plus VAT. Four Week Lead Time. Book this training.

  • Follow on Virtual Classroom Group Training Sessions

    Further one hour sessions can be arranged as needed. £295 plus applicable VAT. Add to cart or book follow on group training sessions.

  • Traditional Classroom - The programme delivery takes place over one or more days at a conference venue or at the customers offices. The full account management training course takes two days. Contact us for fees.

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Large Numbers

Licensing and train the trainer options enable self delivery. To find out more, call or use the links below. Associate and Affiliate representation welcomed. To promote or deliver this course, get in touch directly.

Flexible Delivery

If you are looking for a sales account management training course or need to strengthen customer relationships and increase business from established customers, we can help. Telephone +44 (0)1392 851500. We will be pleased to learn about your needs and talk through some options. Alternatively Send email to for a prompt reply or use the contact form here.