Assess Skills, Knowledge, and Motivation

Take the Sales Exam as a sales test, a learning aid, and verifiable sales qualifications.

Each of the three Sales Exam assessments provide a series of learning opportunities and and verifiable sales qualifications.

There are three levels of qualifiaction. They are self-attestation which is free, a SalesSense grading certificate, and a SalesSense validation certificate.

All three qualifiactaions include evidence of sales competence.

For self-attestation, this is the charted and tabulated results that are sent after completion of each of the free assessments.

Grading and validation authenticate Sales Exam results. 

Grading involes a review and scoring of answers to a series of supplementary evidence questions, by a SalesSense consultant. Grading fees are explained here. Grading feedback includes explanations of any diverging scores.

Validation is based on scoring of verbal answers given to questions in a 90 minute one-to-one assessment interview, conducted by a SalesSense consultant. Validation fees are explained here. Validation feedback is a comprehensive report that includes development recommendations.

The feedback from grading and validation provides SalesSense verified sales qualifications, development guidence, and can be used to inform sales candidate selection.

The Sales Exam consists of three separate assessments that can be consolidated into a single representation of sales competence. The separate assessments evaluate knowledge, skills, and motivation. Feedback includes specific on-the-job actions that aid learning while increasing sales effectiveness.

Exam Validity

Sales test validity can be underpinned by grading or validation of results by a SalesSense consultant or other accredited assessor.

Managers, in-house specialists, and third party professionals can be accredited by taking a short course. Contact us for details.

The exam reveals and quantifies professional sales competence. Grading and validation options reduce uncertainties, errors, and misunderstanding.

For individuals using the assessments as learning tools or to support career planning, the direct approach facilitates self reflection and discovery. 

Exam Benefits

  1. Taking the assessments increases understanding, improves skills, and develops better habits.
  2. Increased understanding of current skills and capabilities reveals improvement opportunities.
  3. Grading and validation feedback includes low cost and no cost recommendations.
  4. The feedback improves productivity and results.
  5. The exam provides a competency framework, a template for development discussions, and a platform career advancement.
  6. Use of the exam in the hiring process reduces or eliminates hiring mistakes. Having short list candidates take the exam before an interview, ensures that managers have all of the information they need to make informed decisions.
  7. Self assessment results document sales abilities. Validated results provide sales qualifications and evidence of competence.
Diagram reflecting the impact of sales qualifications such as the sales exam.

Exam Applications

Rating Professional Sales Competence

The Sales Exam provides the ability to measure and quantify sales competence.

Guidance for Individual Development

The assessments identify and quantify opportunities for individual development. The feedback answers the question, "What can be done to attain, improve, or maintain skills and habits?" The experience prompts learning, provides guidance for development plans, and offers directions for improvement. Participation leads to increased competence, rising sales performance, and personal growth. 

Team Development

Customers who use our validation service for a whole sales team, receive an additional team level report. It provides a full explanation of the process, participant questions asked in the exam, and the validation questions asked by the coach. The document includes tabulated results of team performance and the test average scores for 'best in class' sales teams.

The report includes written team level feedback and recommendations that help organisation's use the data to address issues, improve sales productivity, and increase sales performance.

Training Needs Analysis

Use the Sales Exam to determine training priorities. It eliminates guesswork and provides managers with a quantitative and qualitative assessment of strengths and weaknesses at team and individual levels.

Recruitment and Selection

Improve hiring consistency and reduce hiring mistakes by having candidates take the assessments. Use the feedback to guide interviews and selection.

Getting the Right Job

Taking the Sales Exam and obtaining grading or validation from SalesSense, provides salespeople and employers with independently corroborated sales qualifications. The feedback reports provide documented evidence of sales professionalism. 

The fedback reports provide a three tiered platform for answering the question, "What will you do if you get this job?".

Salespeople can use the reports to help them present a compelling picture of their strengths, skills, and abilities. It helps candidates explain exactly what they are good at so that interviewers are left in no doubt of the candidate's competence.

Employers can use the fedback reports to determine if candidates for sales roles have the required skills, knowledge, and motivations for the role being filled.

If you are interested in sales qualifications, need a sales test, or want to encourage experienced salespeople to continue learning, the Sales Exam offers a solution. The three sales assessment tests offer a comprehensive evaluation of sales competence. Telephone +44 (0)1392 851500 for more information. Alternatively, send an email to or use the contact form here.