Winning Complex Sales

Advanced sales training for winning complex sales. Includes a methodical solution for winning against superior competitors.

Winning Complex Sales

Winning large orders from enterprise scale organisations depends on faultless planning and flawless execution by a team of people. Winning Complex Sales is a training course for winning more high value, competitive, business opportunities.

Adopt a team based sales process for minimising the risks inherent in competing for high value sales.

Participants apply the process to current high value sales opportunities during the programme. Learning takes place in a series of one to one or group sessions. The sales method is applied between sessions. Results and experiences are reviewed in subsequent sessions. Training for winning complex sales can be spread over several months, condensed into longer intensive sessions, or delivered over consecutive days.

Key Benefits

  • Win more high value sales opportunities
  • Increase productivity and save time
  • Increase certainty and forecast accuracy
  • Reduce or eliminate mistakes
  • Anticipate and adapt for change
  • Identify and influence the right people
  • Out think competitors
  • Use strategy to drive actions
  • Shorten the sales process

Typical Participant Comments

This is a 'just in time' course for improving our daily sales activities. The techniques taught are easy to understand and to apply in reality. This is a great course. From Motorola

An excellent mix of practical exercises and theory. Good examples for clarity, good pace and very good use of interpolation from the tutor. From Elyzium

Fast paced and relevant. Challenging for all levels of attendee experience. Good time keeping. Maintained interest and control throughout. One of the better ones. From Hand Held Devices (Now Honeywell Imaging and Mobility)

Programme includes:

  • Pre Course Questionnaire
  • Pre Work Preparation Guide
  • Individual Assignments
  • Programme materials
  • Online resources
  • Career long support

Materials and resources

  • Preparation Guides
  • Framework Agenda
  • Self Study Guide
  • Accelerated Learning Guide
  • Programme Slide-decks
  • Account Plan Template
  • Opportunity Plan Template
  • Profit Contribution Calculator
  • Shared Goal and Objectives Template
  • Quantified Qualification Assessment
  • Quantified Qualification Visual Assessment
  • Personality Style Assessment
  • Work Motivators Assessment
  • Sales Strategy Matrix
  • Deal Clinic Guide
  • Short Form Opportunity Plan Template

Materials with Unlimited Email Support - View and download the slide decks, tools, templates, and other resources. Work through the materials and exercises as desired. Email your nominated coach with any questions. Most support requests are answered within a couple of hours. Answers are guaranteed within two business days. £95 + VAT if applicable. Optional ad-hoc one-to-one coaching available.

Book a one to one coaching session and have the complete distance learning programme included for the same fee:

Materials and email support - £95 + VAT
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Initial coaching incuding materials - £345 + VAT
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Self Led with Unlimited Telephone Support - View and download the course presentation, tools, templates, and other resources. Study the materials and complete the exercises in your own time. Arrange calls with your nominated coach to ask questions. Calls can be scheduled by email or text. £345 + VAT if applicable.

Materials and telephone support - £345 + VAT
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Optional follow-on coaching session - £295 + VAT
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One to One - View and download the course presentation, tools, templates, and other resources. Arrange one-to-one coaching sessions to work through the material and apply learning through on-the-job actions. Coaching continues until the participants are satisfied with their learning progress. Session last one hour and are scheduled to suit participant needs. £995 + VAT if applicable.

Materials and coaching- £995 + VAT
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Optional group coaching session - £595 + VAT
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We unconditionally guarantee the quality and effectiveness of our services. In addition, we warrant that application of the principles, methods, and practices presented in our materials will lead to a gain in value equivalent to at least five times the fees. Should you decide that our services have not met this guarantee, we will refund your fees promptly and courteously.

If you need to increase success rates with high value complex sales, Winning Complex Sales provides sales method training that has proved effective for thousands of high value sales opportunities. Telephone +44 (0)1392 851500. We will be pleased to learn about your needs and talk through some options. Alternatively Send email to for a prompt reply or use the contact form here.