Business Coaching Services

Adopt, and maintain best practice with business coaching services.

Diagram illustrating the benefits of coaching to support a page about business coaching services.

Use business coaching services to assess current practice.

Compare with commonly established best practice to identify the gaps.

Develop change management plans for selected improvement projects.

Have a business coach lead or manage the process through to successful adoption of improved practices.

Business coaching services reveal improvement opportunities, facilitate improvement planning, and maintain improvement project momentum..

Optimise a business for performance, efficiency, and profitability.. 

Programme Opportunities

  • Review of goals and objectives
  • Assess plans and priorities
  • Develop coherent strategies for change
  • Improve or acquire new skills
  • Solve problems more easily
  • Gain an outside perspective
  • Receive unbiased feedback
  • Apply rigour to decision making
  • Deal with crisis and emergencies
  • Identify and develop strengths
  • Identify and offset weaknesses
  • Improve time management and organisation
  • Increase business results


Get immediate support for dealing with intransigent problems, new crisis, or strategic planning.

Develop strategies to increase sales, improve predictability, and resolve issues

Prepare change management plans to support improvement initiatives

Unstick stuck sales, rationalise a sales pipeline, and develop new methods and skills to increase sales results.

Accelerate achievement and development in any business role. Get help with focus, prioritisation, planning, and motivation.

Business coaching services include:

  • Use of assessments and consulting tools
  • One-to-one time with a business coach
  • Participation in management meetings
  • Facilitation of management meetings
  • Hands on support for planning
  • Improvement project management

From a structured discussion we establish the likely time commitment and prepare a proposal.

Use business coaching services to clarify purpose, get more done, and obtain expert support. If you need a business coach, we can help. Telephone +44 (0)1392 851500 to speak with a coach. We will be pleased to learn about your needs and talk through some options. Alternatively use the contact form here or send an email to