Sales Knowledge Challenge

Sales Knowledge Challenge

Complete the Sales Knowledge Challenge to:

  • Test your sales knowledge.
  • Discover opportunities to expand your sales knowledge.
  • Develop a sales knowledge manual for training or onboarding.
  • Assess the sales knowledge of another person.

Your scores and reference data are private. See out privacy policy here.

Answer the questions and the ​score your answers.

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What We Do

What would you say to briefly introduce your Company to someone who asked what you do.

Write your answer below in 25 words or less.

Rate your answer by entering a score between 1 and 10: If you think your answer to the question, 'What does your Company do?' cannot be improved, score a 10. If you think what you have written is the worst possible response, score a 1. Adjust your score to reflect the confidence that you would have, giving the answer that you have written.