Sales Knowledge Self Assessment

Test familiarity and understanding of products, markets, customers, and the company with this sales knowledge assessment.

Sales Knowledge Assessment

Investigate sales readiness and identify opportunities to extend sales knowledge. Have team members recognise gaps in their knowledge and understanding.

Persuasiveness rests first on connection with the emotional need for action. Then on the credibility of the information source.

The depth of knowledge and understanding exhibited by salespeople has a disproportionate impact on the credibility of a business. Those interacting with customers can easily demolish credibility established through branding and marking.

Ensuring that salespeople are using consistent messaging that matches or enhances the desired company positioning, improves conversion, shotens sales cycles, and increases results.

Assess response to important customer questions; review market understanding; explore customer knowledge, and test company or organisation understanding.

Score the effectiveness of each answer to reveal strengths and weaknesses.

Share answers with peers or managers for additional feedback.

Research the knowledge to fill gaps and increase scores.

Knowledge Assessed:

  • Answers to important customer questions
  • Market and industry understanding
  • Customer and prospect understanding
  • Employer understanding
  • Value articulation
  • Writing skills

Identify strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and vulnerabilities. Use the accompanying guides to expand sales knowledge and develop more effective answers to common customer questions.

Assessment Applications Include:

  • Sales Knowledge Audit
  • Knowledge Development
  • Coaching Guidance
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Interview Preparation
  • Sales Training
  • Appraisals
  • Selection


  • Sales Knowledge Assessment
  • Represented Assessment Results
  • Common Customer Questions Response Worksheet
  • Customer Questions Response Guide
  • Market, Customer, and Prospect Research Guide

Optional Validation Review

Have responses reviewed by an accredited coach in a telephone interview and receive detailed written feedback.

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