Business Development Services

Increase new customer acquisition and improve results through sales growth strategies and business development services.

Picture of a strategy and planning session supporting our business development services description page.

If you need to win more customers and close more business yet lack the resources or know-how to do what is necessary, use our business development services. We can provide the extra heads and hands to plug the gap.

The following outlines specific services that are available now.

Benchmark the Best

What is the size of your improvement opportunity? How does your organisation compare with the best in your sector? Using publicly available information, we can compile a set of benchmarks for your industry or markets so that you can know if your organisation could do better. Book a call.

Sales Process, Methods, and Standards Review

Have us assess your operations, sales process, marketing norms, and structure to to identify quick wins and missed opportunities. More here.

Business Development Facilitated Enquiry

Arrange a an executive meeting to identify gaps between what you do and the ideals. Get consensus on what needs doing and appoint champions to lead each effort. Use our services to facilitate a structured workshop. We can ensure that it provides the intended value. Here is the process.

Sales Growth Strategies Briefing

Have us provide a best practice briefing on any aspect of the business to the business development process. Take just the time you need. No travelling or expenses. Just a telephone conference or virtual meeting. Guaranteed value.

Improve Value Propositions

Reviewing, and revising value propositions should happen continuously or at least once a quarter. It is not uncommon to find that value propositions haven't been revised since the inception of a company. In some cases they have never been defined. Our business development services can quickly address this opportunity. Have us call you.

Improve Sales Process

Surprisingly few organisations have an up to date model of current best practice for each step in their sales process. Having a framework helps ensure that customer facing people and their support organisation contribute to the best of their ability. Free consultation.

Improve Sales Force Automation Software Effectiveness

Many enablement technologies and applications have failed to achieved the expected return on investment. It is difficult for staff to give their whole attention to SFA implementation projects without their day to day tasks being neglected. A third party review often reveals quick fixes and easy opportunities for improvement. Get in touch.

Sales Competence Model

Have us design a sales competence model that reflects your environment and needs. Use the model to assess sales capabilities and take action to fill the gaps. See an example.

One Minute Coaching

Develop coaching skills that can be applied in less than a minute. Equip managers with the tools to propagate best practice without giving up time to conduct lengthy caching sessions. Workplace coaching actions.

Create Online Training that You Own

We can create an online learning program that takes into account your sales process, messaging, and content. Then publish it in an online format that is continuously available for reference, coaching, and new hire training. Let's speak.

Doing things in the right way is a waste of time if you don't first choose the right things to do. Business development is more dependent on forethought, planning, and preparation than is is on doing things more effectively or faster. First choose the right sales growth strategies and then tune the execution. Book a call for a free briefing.

If you have opportunities for sales growth but lack the resources to make projects happen, our business development services can fill the gap. Telephone +44 (0)1392 851500. We will be pleased to learn about your needs and talk through some options. Send email to for a prompt reply or use the contact form here.