Charisma - 7 Keys to Developing Magnetism by Tony Alessandra

Do you have charisma? Can you develop it? Does it impact sales effectiveness?

Charisma, according to many people I ask, is something that you either have or don't have. You are born with it or not and their is little you can do about it. I whole heartedly agree with Tony's position, that their is a great deal everyone can do to become more charismatic.

Why should you want to? Few can fail to recognise the part it plays in wielding influence and being persuasive.

Here is an excerpt from the end of Charisma, chapter 9


'A kindergarten teacher asked a student what she was drawing. "I'm drawing a picture of God," the child quickly answered.

"But, sweetheart," said the teacher, "no one knows what God looks like."

"They will in a minute!" the child replied.

Charismatic people have a similar, almost childlike faith in their vision and their ability to create change.'


Charisma encapsulates so much of what one needs to succeed in sales. In the first chapter, Tony describes his study of the subject, what charisma is all about, and what it will do for you. I almost always like books that start off with a good WIIFM - What's in it for me.

The seven keys referred to in the title are:

1. Sending out your best silent message
2. Speaking with authority
3. Listening attentively
4. Becoming more persuasive
5. Using space and time to your advantage
6. Maximising your adaptability
7. Expanding your vision and ideas

If you know what all this is about, don't bother with the book. Instead write one yourself.

ISBN 0-446-67598-9

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