Sales Assessment, Self-Assessment, Grading and Validation Options

Suitable for sales assessment, sales force evaluation, sales candidate assessment, training needs analysis, and career development. Consultant grading and validation options. 

Sales Assessment

Benchmark sales skills, knowledge, and abilities across ten aspects of sales competence.

Take the sales assessment here.

Audit results through consultant grading or a one-to-one consultant interviews.

Evidence based grading and validation provides an objective sales assessment.

Identify strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and vulnerabilities. Use the feedback to guide training, plan study, and drive development.

Sales Assessment Grading
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Sales Assessment Validation
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The assessment is aligned with over 100 on-the-job action recommendations that provide an immediately accessible development guide.

Enhance or leverage strengths and eliminate or account for weaknesses. Improve habits and practices to increase productivity, predictability, and results.

Aspects of the Assessment:

  • Door Opener - finding and engage with quality sales prospects.
  • Qualifier - filtering out those opportunities the won't happen, can't be won, or wouldn't be worthwhile
  • Deal Maker - bringing together different perspectives to gain consensus and close business
  • Persuader - influencing those who are not so sure or oppose a plan
  • Advocate - presenting and promoting the value of something
  • Communicator - questioning and listening skills
  • Mentalist - reading body language and minds
  • Expert - knowing the field, the market, the solutions, and the customers
  • Organiser - time management and self mastery
  • Problem Solver - knowing what to do when the answers are not obvious

Applications Include:

  • Skills Assessment
  • Staff Appraisals
  • Development Guidance
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Interview Preparation
  • Recruitment Selection
  • Career Development

Grading includes:

  • Online Self-Assessment
  • Substantiation Prompts
  • Represented Self Assessment Results
  • Grading Report
  • Grading Certificate

Validation includes the above plus:

  • Ninety Minute Structured Interview
  • Detailed Coach Generated Feedback Report
  • Validation Certificate

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