Social Media for Business

Social media selling for B2B lead generation.

Social Media Selling for B2B Lead Generation

Use social media to find B2B leads. Social Media Selling for B2B Lead Generation explains how to use the linked in, connected world to zero in on customers who need what you have, right now.

Upgrade skills, leverage the power of professional social media, and find more sales opportunities through online activities.

Employ new media applications and digital engagement to find and connect with prospects early in their buying process. 

Maintain or renew career momentum through training by doing. Participants take on workplace assignments in one to one or group sessions. Then reconvene to review results, adjust the approach, and take on the next assignment. Training can be spread over several months, condensed into longer intensive sessions, or delivered in a single day.

Key 'how to' Takeaways

  • Take control of digital presence.
  • Track ideal prospects using the internet.
  • Attract ideal prospects through online activities.
  • Develop digital engagement skills.
  • Create a and online prospecting process.
  • Transform digital engagement into business.

Programme includes:

  • Pre course questionnaire.
  • Pre work preparation guide.
  • Personalised workplace assignments.
  • Programme materials.
  • Online resources.
  • Career long support.

Materials and resources

  • Self study notes.
  • Accelerated learning guide.
  • Course slide-decks.
  • Prospect profiling tool.
  • Headline creator guide.
  • Content creation templates.
  • Developing an online presence - notes
  • LinkeIn best practice guideines.
  • Referral prospecting techniques that work.
  • Referral networking guide.
  • Prospect research guide.

GDPR laws are forcing a shift to permission based sales prospecting. Now is the time to build the necessary new skills and habits. Take this social media for business course to start the new journey.

If you need to follow customers online and initiate sales conversations via social media for B2B lead generation, this social media for business course offers a flexible and effective solution. Telephone +44 (0)1392 851500 for more information. Alternatively use the contact form here or send email to