Sell More to Sold Customers

Account management skills training. How to make more of established customer relationships through better account management.

Account Management Skills Training

Strengthen customer relationships with new account management skills and methods.

Selling to existing customers is easier than winning new customers. invest in account management skills training to strengthens customer relationships and increases the flow of business. Take this course to renew sales momentum and business success in established accounts.

Postition your organisation as a strategic partner and develop trusted advisor standing with customer executives. Use this sales account manager training to maximise customer benefit and sales revenue.

Key Takeaways

  • Deepen business understanding.
  • Increase perceived contribution.
  • Get more time with senior executives.
  • Establish status as a trusted advisor.
  • Increase perception of strategic value.
  • Create more effective account plans.

Aquire new tools and methods for assessing customer potential, evaluating relationship status, and demonstrating value. Learn new skills for developing and strengthening relationships, expanding presence, and increasing strategic significance.

Typical Participant Comments

Good combination of presentations and exercises helped to promote understanding and maintain focus. DCS

Excellent - totally needed. Exactly on the money! Data Capture Solutions

I found the workshops very good as they were very much related to our job and very practical. The course also gave us a lot of ideas on how to create our job as account managers. Handheld Products

Account Management Training includes:

  • Pre ocurse questionnaire.
  • Pre work preparation guide.
  • Personalised work place assignments.
  • In-course materials.
  • Online resources.
  • Career long support.

Materials and resources:

  • Content exploration guide.
  • Self study guide
  • Accelerated learning guide.
  • Course slide decks.
  • Personality style assessment.
  • Profit contribution calculator.
  • Account planning templates.
  • Account plan completion guide.
  • Sales professionals tool kit.

If you need to strengthen customer relationships or increase business from established customers, this account management skills course provides best practice methods and skills. Telephone +44 (0)1392 851500. Alternatively use the contact form here or send email to