Sales Performance Improvement Template User Guide

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How to use the Sales Performance Improvement Plan Template:

Sales Performance Improvement Plan Template

If you ensure that every territory and key account has a current, credible sales performance improvement plan, then your sales leaders will be free to focus on more strategic projects.

Part 1 – Assignment Sales History

To begin, record the history of sales in the territory for at least the last four measurement periods. This can be weeks, months, quarters or years. The longer the period of sales history that is recorded, the more accurate the extrapolated projection of future business if nothing is done differently.

Part 2 – Goal/Target Breakdown

In this section of the template, add record revenue and profit targets looking forward. This can reflect the formal target, a stretch target, or personal intent.

Part 3 - Other Performance Assignments

Add any qualitative performance targets in this section.

Part 4 – Likely Sales from Assigned Territories/Accounts

Extrapolate trends represented in Part 1 together with any additional fact based territory or account intelligence to estimate the likely sales if nothing changes in terms of the strategies, resources, tactics, and actions currently in use.

Part 5 – Delta (Part 2 target less Part 4 anticipated sales)

Now calculate the gap between the extrapolated performance in Part 4 and the target recorded in Part 2, by subtracting the anticipated sales.

Part 6 - Strategies for Bridging the Gap

Use this section to record strategies for increasing sales performance. It could be as simple as making more calls or as sophisticated as addressing a new market. Beware of committing to a large number of strategies. Attention divided may undermine the effectiveness of all initiatives. This can be done in isolation however, it is usually more effective to brainstorm for answers in groups. Then the individuals managing territories or accounts can build on the best ideas to complete this section.

Part 7 Plan SWOT

Test strategies with a SWOT analysis. Consider strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats associated with each strategy. 

Part 8 – Tactics and Actions 

Record the tactics and actions that will be necessary to execute each adopted strategy. If the tactics and actions are not obvious, the strategy is weak. Revise or change it.

Tactics and actions must all be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time bound. SMART.

Review Each Sales Performance Improvement Plan

Conduct plan reviews by convening a meeting with a small group of experts. This usually includes the sales manager and sales director. It might also include other sales experts from inside or outside the organisation. Reviews should be held at least once a quarter.

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