Get Anyone to do Anything by David J. Lieberman

Simple practical persuasion techniques for improving interpersonal communication and sales effectiveness. You really can Get Anyone to do Anything, much of the time.

Get Anyone to do Anything

I have been carrying Get Anyone to do Anything around to show people on training courses for some time. I recommend it to everyone. This book fully justifies the bold claim of its title.

It isn’t magic. Every chapter is crammed with sound advice on persuasion techniques and methods that work.

The hard part of acquiring knowledge from books is in the effort required to study and practise.

David Lieberman makes it easy to get the knowledge. Few chapters are more than four pages long. The information, actions, and explanations are clear and crisp, uncluttered by any padding. If you are in sales, you should carry a copy of this book and refer to it often.

It is just as valuable for people in any role. Here are a few chapter titles that might have you clicking the Amazon button.

  • How to Make a Fantastic First Impression
  • Get Anyone to Say What He’s Really Thinking
  • Get Anyone to Take Your Advice
  • How to get a Stubborn Person to Change His Mind about Anything
  • Get Anyone to Return Your Phone Call Immediately
  • How to Handle Any Tough (or Stupid) Questions

These are just a few of the forty chapters filling only one hundred and seventy seven pages.

The wisdom of the world is locked up in books that cost little to acquire yet we readily forsake the opportunity, perhaps preferring to learn from experience.

Socrates offered good advice when he said, “Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings so that you shall come easily by what others have laboured hard for.”

Discovering inter-personal communication wisdom doesn’t get much easier than reading this book.

ISBN 0-312-20904-5

Review by Clive Miller


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