How to Learn Professional Selling Skills for Free

Diagram illustrating high aptitude drivers to support our free sales training page.

Below are descriptions and links to the free sales training resources on this website.

Visitors have access to a range of free sales training resources described and linked here. 

1. Free B2B Sales Training Course

Learn through bite-sized workplace actions that are aligned with obstacles in the B2B sales process. Email or follow the LinkedIn SalesSense company page

This page offers an index and links to the posts.

2. Top Salesperson Interviews

What are the habits and practices, skills and qualities that top sales performers use to achieve consistent results? Watch our top salespeople interviews to find out. See them here.

Detailed Sales Success Formula - 18m

3. Sales Speaker

Arrange a free 30m webinar on any sales topic. Have Clive Miller speak in person at a conference or event. Turn an ordinary meeting, conference or sales seminar into a motivational event for no cost other than expenses. More here or schedule a webinar delivery now.

4. Success Micro Course

The sales success formula provides a framework for creating a 'best practice' short cut guide to results. It defines the tools that sellers need for rapid success. Use it as a plan or template for sales enablement and training. Start here.

5. Sales Training through On-the-job Actions

Diagram illustrating high aptitude drivers to support our free sales training page.

Over one hundred straightforward on-the-job actions for developing knowledge, skills, and abilities. The actions are aligned with the ten aspects of selling that are tested in our sales skills assessment. On the job actions for learning sales skills.

6. The Win Predictor

Rate fourteen statements with regard to a current opportunity to quantify your chances of success. Indicates vulnerabilities and opportunities for improving the odds. Try it now.

7. Accelerated Learning Micro Course

Complete this short course in accelerated learning strategies by watching three videos. Take the course. 

8. Team Building Video Micro Course

A series of short team building video whiteboard sessions, presented by Group Harmonics CEO, Ed Muzio. Each has a sales context interpretation. Watch them here.

9. Team Communication Micro Course

Learn practical and effective team communication skills through this second set of short videos by Ed Muzio. Watch them now.

10. The Video Channel

Watch a selection of free sales training videos including these inspiring message from Will Smith.

See them here.


Sales Club Member Benefits

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Think and Grow Rich e-book

As famous as this book is and despite the millions of copies sold and distributed since it was first published in 1937, there are many who have yet to read it and still more who have read it and not taken advantage of the wisdom enshrined.


While not directed at salespeople, the messages, methods, and recommendations that Napoleon Hill makes in this book, easily compare with top modern day wisdom. Use this e-book to improve motivation, communication, persuasiveness, persistence, and organisation.

Free Consultation

Arrange a call with Clive Miller. Ask about any sales related issue or business challenge. Ask about any topic, article, resource, or content on this site. Sound out ideas and explore the latest thinking in B2B selling. If you are facing a difficult problem or unusual challenge, get an alternative perspective.

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